Hewers Of The Wilderness Special Edition

    Wahalak-Hewers Of The Wilderness

New Cover of "Wahalak"-The New Hewers Of The Wilderness Book depicting
the 1830s settler, Jim Vaughn on the cover. 

A Chronicle Of The Author's Pioneer Family in 1830's Mississippi  This new 2nd Edition-Hewers Of The Wilderness titled "Wahalak" contains the complete original text from Hewers Of The Wilderness-1st Edition.

The true story of Jim And Mary Vaughn's journey to the Mississippi frontier where they settled onto land ceded by the Choctaw Indians in the Treaty Of Dancing Rabbit Creek. This is the newest publication of The Hewers Of The Wilderness and this edition will be released on this website in the near future.  It will include additional history of the Vaughn family in America, their journey from N. Carolina into Tennessee, Alabama and eventually Mississippi including a first time published story of the great family patriot  and Revolutionary War veteran, Joel Vaughn, Sr.

The story takes the reader through a year in the lives of Jim and Mary Vaughn as they travel to their new frontier home on the frontier in the land of the Choctaw experiencing the famous and historic heavenly display of meteors "The Night The Stars Fell On Alabama" along the way to begin their lives in this new and untamed land.

Jim & Mary Vaughn's first home in Mississippi was a Choctaw Indian hut
vacated through the Treaty Of Dancing Rabbit Creek.

Their first home was an abandoned Choctaw Indian hut located in the heart of the former Choctaw Indian Nation where they encounter hostile Indians who refused to be relocated to Oklahoma, wolf packs and bears in this wild land as they struggle with the challenges of a hard life on the frontier and starting a family as young pioneers in this untamed territory. A true life glimpse into the harsh existence  on the frontier in the 1830s at a place called Wahalak. This story was first published in 1958 by Jack Vaughn, the great grandson of Jim and Mary Vaughn and the new 2nd Edition "Wahalak" is edited and republished by Ray Vaughn, the great, great grandson of Jim Vaughn.

Today this old town of Wahalak is still there in East Central Mississippi near the Alabama line and the original location where Jim and Mary first settled is known as Twin Cemetery. This place is named that  because it holds the bodies of Jim and Mary along with those early Choctaw Indian warriors who lie in an eternal rest at this historic location. 

This is a special and inspiring place for the family who still gather there every year for the  Twin Cemetery Family Reunion  to celebrate their family history and heritage and to honor the sacrifices their grandparents made as settlers in the early 1800's in Mississippi. 

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