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   Ray Vaughn - Author, Consultant, Music Artist and Record Producer

Author, musician and founder of  Mississippi Music Artists.com. and  Mississippi '60s Music Artists Radio.  His published books include;  Rick's Continentals Band Music Biography, Hewers Of The Wilderness-2nd Edition, Hewers Of The Wilderness-Special Edition, Transcending Mortality, Herman Vaughn Remembers, Mississippi '60s Music Artists and various publications on Amazon's online Amazine.com.  Author's related websites include the following: Vaughn Family History website,  Twin Cemetery.Org. The Cole Plantation website , The Cooper Institute ,   Mississippi Music Artists.com and Mississippi Music Artists '60s Radio Network.  Ray Vaughn is the founder of Mississippi Music Artists.com and a member of the 60s rock group "Rick's Continentals Band" from Meridian, MS. The group recorded a top 100 smash hit "You Can Live It Up" in 1967 and also recorded with Mississippi notable music artists like Paul Davis, Jimmy Elledge and George Soule.   Ray is also the Executive Producer for Crusade Music Video Productions, a Christian based music video project and a consultant in Information Technology Management.

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Mississippi - Who's Who In Music:
Coming Soon - Mississippi "Who's Who In Music."  Celebrating Mississippi's 200th Anniversary and highlighting Mississippi's place as "The Birthplace Of America's Music.  Check back for the book's release expected sometime early 2019.

Transcending Mortality
 Latest Book  by Ray Vaughn

Reflections Of Our Own Mortality, Life After Death and Eternity... Interlaced with faith, the loss of youth and the certainty that we too will die someday....at a time sooner than we think. A book about man's quest for something greater in the universe flavored with poetry about life and death.   Published June 2013.

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Herman Vaughn Remembers
The Memoirs of My Father, Herman Vaughn
About His Life Growing Up In Rural Kember County, MS. and  The Great WWII.
by Ray Vaughn

 Out Of Print

Rick's Continentals Music Biography 

A History Of The Band From Meridian, MS. and their 60s Top 100 
Music Hit "You Can Live It Up."     by Ray Vaughn

Rick's Continentals Band Website

Visit Rick's Continentals on Mississippi Music Artists.Com

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 Hewers Of The Wilderness by Ray Vaughn and Jack Vaughn

Coming Soon (July 2017).  The 3rd Edition.
Check back in July.

Hewers Of The Wilderness-Special Edition Final Printing
This book includes the original text from the 1958  publication
and the added text from the 2nd edition. Edit and published by
Ray Vaughn in July  2014.

This is the final print for the book that is now out of print.
There are a few hold back copies available as on Aug. 15, 2014.
This edition includes never before published pictures of the
original author, Jack.Vaughn.
Buy it now at the link below for $ 15.00 Ea. Plus $ 3.00 S&H

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Hewers Of The Wilderness
A Chronicle Of The Author's Pioneer Family in 1830's Mississippi 
This is the 2nd Edition of Hewers Of The Wilderness and contains 
the original Hewers Of The Wilderness-1st Edition....  by Ray Vaughn 

Note: * This book is out of print.  Click the photo for more information.

Published  Sept. 1, 2012
Hewers Of The Wilderness-Special Edition

This Book Is Back In Print and will be available for order in the immediate future. Please check back soon.

A new special edition with updated information and illustrations on the Vaughn family in America. Includes content from the new Vaughn Family History Archive website.  134 Pages.  Price: $ 17.00 plus $ 3.00 shipping.  Full Color cover.

Mississippi '60s Music Artists   Volume 1

Remembering the greats and the more obscure musicians who were a part of Mississippi's Rock n' Roll music culture during the '60s era.   Includes  artists like Darryl Vincent & The Flares, George Soule, Paul Davis, Eddie Houston, Jimmy Elledge, The Endless Chain, Rick's Continenetals,  David & The Giants, Sea Fever and many more plus the story of Meridians own RAP Records.

                 Coming  2014/2015

The book is running a bit behind release schedule due to some recent Music Artists research discoveries and additions.  Final editing changes and cover artwork are underway with a release date anticipated sometime in late 2014 - 2015. There is the possibility that this book will release with an album of  previously unpublished music work from the RAP Records masters library by some of the great artists from Mississippi.

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Author's Amazines.Com On-line Articles

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